Psychologist in Delhi for Sexual Disorder

What Is Sexual Disorders ?

Sexuality is an integral part of human intimacy and the sexual experiences are embedded in the larger biological, psychological and social processes. The prevalence of sexual dysfunctions in general population is high, however due to the stigma surrounding the discourses pertaining to human sexual functioning most of such dysfunctions remain under-diagnosed and under-treated. The embarrassment that is unfairly attached to the conversations related to sexual dysfunctions is another major roadblock in the process of receiving adequate treatment.

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Sexual dysfunctions include lack or loss of sexual desire, failure of genital response, orgasmic dysfunctions, premature ejaculation and sexual pain disorders.

Sexual dysfunctions can be generalized or situational. In case the disorder is generalized it is pervasive across all kinds of situations, stimulation or partners. On the other hand, when the sexual disorder is situational its manifestation gets limited to a certain situation, stimulation or partner.

Often disturbances in sexual functioning occur due to psychological factors that either predispose or precipitate the dysfunctions. Factors like traumatic sexual experiences, inadequate sexual information, negative attitude towards sexuality, disturbed psychosexual roles, unrealistic expectations, discord in relationships, poor intimacy are the examples of some of such factors.

The management of a sexual dysfunctions is an extensive process and requires adequate time, assessment and evaluation. The specialist first discerns whether the individual/ couple has a sexual dysfunction, then the evaluation is done to judge if it is primarily organic or psychological. Further assessment is done to explore the presence of a psychiatric disorder and determine the role of psychological factors in an organic disorder. 

Psychiatric disorders are often closely intertwined with sexual dysfunctions. Often a primary psychiatric disorder like mood or anxiety disorders lead to sexual dysfunctions. However often sexual disorders give rise to psychiatric symptoms like depression and anxiety.