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Relationship Online counseling for

  • Couple Counselling
  • Relationship Issues
  • Unhappy Marriage
  • Moving on from a Breakup
  • Coming out of the toxic relationship
  • Trust issues and other emotional issues
  • Regaining the spark


Behavioral Issues – Anger outbursts, emotional volatility, addiction, smoking, adult content, and gambling, can gradually turn into bigger concerns if left unresolved and can impact the relationship bond deeply

Distorted Communication  – Criticism, verbal abuse, harsh, demeaning words or breakdown in communication can create havoc in romantic relationship.

Different Love language – Each individual expresses and experiences love in their own unique ways. A mismatch in love language can leave either or both partners feeling uncared for, neglected and not understood.

Cheating or Infidelity – A betrayal and breach of trust can damage the relationship extensively, however instead of letting it be the end of the relationship, therapy can help using this experience to give the bond a new leash on life. One can also learn to move on if the situation is beyond any repair.

Past Baggage – When personal experiences have not been unpacked and worked on, it seeps into the couple dynamics which therapy can help unravel and explore

Sexual Incompatibility – Differences in libido, frequency of sexual activity, lack of sexual urges, low interest, varying sexual needs can lead to unmet needs leaving partners feeling undesired and disconnected

Conflict Resolution – Inability to convey concerns, shutting down or aggressively attacking partner while bringing up a conflict leads to more emotional damage to a bond leading to build up of resentment and bitterness towards partner

Trauma – External events like loss of a loved one – parent or child, accidents, major injury, financial ruin or internal events like physical, sexual abuse within relationship can suck the life out of a relationship leaving two estranged people in its wake

Having Trouble in Moving on From the Breakup

Moving on is tough, and one can experience a whole range of difficult feelings, complicated thoughts, obsessive behavior patterns, which can affect one’s productivity at work, quality of relationships with friends and family and squander one’s self-esteem & self-image.

Dealing with breakup is indeed a challenging task because the loss is irrevocable, the pain is unexplainable, the feeling is uncontrollable, the state of mind is overwhelming, emotional and psychological investment in the person is gone for a toss. Loss of interest, sleep, appetite, detachment and lost social interest takes charge and control us.

PLCC: Pioneering Relationship Psychotherapy in Delhi

Effective relationship therapy can be a crucial resource for individuals and couples facing challenges in their relationships. Let’s explore why PLCC is recognized for providing the best relationship psychotherapy:

1. Specialized Expertise: PLCC’s reputation for excellence in relationship psychotherapy is built on the foundation of specialized expertise. Their clinical psychologists have extensive training and experience in addressing relationship issues, making them well-equipped to help individuals and couples navigate their challenges.

2. Holistic Approach: PLCC understands that relationships are complex and multifaceted. Their approach to relationship psychotherapy is holistic, considering various aspects of an individual’s life and the dynamics within a partnership. This comprehensive approach leads to more effective therapy.

3. Evidence-Based Techniques: The relationship psychotherapy provided at PLCC is grounded in evidence-based techniques and therapeutic modalities. This ensures that clients receive treatments with a proven track record of success.

4. Customized Solutions: PLCC recognizes that every relationship is unique. They tailor their therapy sessions to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual or couple. This personalized approach fosters better results and resolution of relationship issues.

5. Communication Enhancement: Effective communication is often at the core of relationship problems. PLCC’s relationship psychotherapy focuses on improving communication skills, conflict resolution, and understanding the underlying emotions that impact interactions.

6. Conflict Resolution: Healthy relationships involve conflict, but it’s how conflicts are managed that makes the difference. PLCC helps couples develop strategies for constructive conflict resolution, promoting better understanding and compromise.

7. Emotional Support: Going through relationship difficulties can be emotionally taxing. PLCC’s therapists provide emotional support, empathy, and a safe space for clients to express their feelings and concerns.

8. Strengthening Bonds: In addition to resolving current issues, PLCC’s relationship psychotherapy also aims to strengthen the emotional connection and bonds between individuals in the relationship.

9. Couples and Individuals: PLCC offers relationship psychotherapy for both couples and individuals. Whether you’re seeking help as a couple or on an individual basis, their therapists are skilled in addressing a wide range of relationship-related challenges.

10. Positive Outcomes: PLCC’s commitment to providing the best relationship psychotherapy is reflected in the positive outcomes and success stories shared by their clients. Many individuals and couples have found renewed hope and improved relationships through their services.

In conclusion, relationship psychotherapy is a valuable resource for those facing challenges in their relationships, and our Clinical Psychologists in Delhi provide the best psychotherapy services. If you are seeking support to enhance your relationship or address specific issues, considering PLCC’s relationship psychotherapy services may be a positive step toward improving your emotional well-being and the quality of your relationships.

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